Team building

    At our club, we organize “team building“ programs, which are very important for improvement of communication between the employees, development of teamwork, mutual trust, getting to know one another better outside work, in order to make your company more successful.

   With homemade food and drinks, we will organize attractive games for you, with a lot of laughter and fun, depending on your wishes and possibilities:

  1.    -  Rumpus Olympics (races in bags and carts)
  2.    -  Rope pulling
  3.    -  Volleyball in the sand
  4.    -  Horseback riding
  5.    -  Archery
       -  Cooking competitions: “Bosnian pot”, beans or other dishes

    Team building


   Archery is an Olympic sport that has a positive impact on    psycho-physical health.
   Archery is good for any age.
   After a short basic training, it is possible to organize archery    competitions.


Organization of your important events

At our club, you can celebrate your important events with family, friends and business partners and enjoy the peaceful countryside environment with a view on our horse farm.

Since we want to provide you the best experience possible, our club is of a closed type and only functions by previously agreed schedule.



Capacity :  maximum 50 persons in closed space and 50 persons on open space..



          Horseback riding

    Horseback riding has a positive psycho-physical impact; it strengthens muscles of the entire body, has a positive impact on the
    spine and good posture and flexibility in general, and it is excellent in keeping unwanted weight away.



   It is a great pleasure to take care of horses, feed them and groom them, which is normally a part of recreational horseback riding.

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